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Design thinking digitized.

That's how it looks like: idea mgmt
That's how it looks like: idea jam
  • idea mgmt
  • idea jam
Screens idea mgmt
Screens idea jam
  • idea mgmt
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Our clients

Our clients

Innovation management comes alive with CLU.

We are proud to support BearingPoint's BE AN INNOVATOR program with CLU.


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We asked ourselves


So our aim became to let people in corporations work together on their ideas to make them better. To give companies the ability to decide between thousands of ideas, if a specific idea has the right market potential. And just to find easily the matching skills within vastly distributed departments around the globe to push ideas faster into the market.

So we founded a startup called think to innovate and our idea managent platforms CLU Idea Jam & CLU Idea Management - to involve your customers, employees and partneres alike to co-create ideas which they also would like to buy. Your customers provide their needs, your employees provide their knowledge and your partners give you the support to implement all this.

(Co-Founder and CEO)

Computer scientist focusing on innovation management and social media and just being the creative mind behind all what clu is about.


Head of Public Affairs at Deutsche Rockwool and chemical scientist focusing on R&D, intellectual property and finance.

We started our journey in 2011 to make sure your corporate ideas will go wild and rock the market instead of getting dusty in your drawers. Let us know, how we can rock your business to improve your innovativeness: +49 6074 21516730 or get in touch via our contact form.


think to innovate GmbH is a privately held company, located nearby Frankfurt am Main, Germany, CEO: Michael Grundmann. Main objective is an ongoing development of our innovation management cloud platforms for corporations and large scale innovation projects, in conjuncting with adjusted innovation consulting best practices.

To provide an optimum outcome together with BearingPoint we developed an agile approach for the implementation of innovation projects and since also jointly ongoing develop and improve our cloud-based platforms at T-Systems, aiming to support corporate customer- and employee- / partner- centric innovation management for corporate customers worldwide.

  • Since 2017 listed as reseller partner of T-Systems
  • Since 2015 listed as partner and accelerator at BearingPoint
  • Innovation projects based on CLU idea management for companies in Germany, Luxembourg, Japan, Singapore
  • Providing CLU as Innovation Hub platform for Bayern Innovative, Nuremberg
  • Supporting F.A.Z. Institute CLU as platform to match business ideas with co-founders, Frankfurt
  • Bootstrap founded and go-to-market in 2011

Registration office: Amtsgericht Offenbach a.M. / Register number: HRB 42890 / VAT ID: DE 25418374

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