We are innovation sparring partners.

Pushing great ideas to the market with the help of our innovation management platforms (aka idea Jam or idea management) is definitely a good plan.

But it is also decisive to know, how innovation should lead your company concretely from a point A to point B. Hence to define communication and processes comes into play, and we definitely love to help you with that aim as an experienced sparring partner.

This is what clu can fix for you.

The corporate Innovation Bermuda Triangle.

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How we can support your innovation management:

Organizational aspects

  • Gaining insights on how your innovation management works in practice
  • Strategies on whom and how to involve your innovators
  • Using innovation campaigns to get your innovation management up and running

Corporate aspects

  • M&A’s provide chances to unearth optimizations with the help of CLU
  • Learn how to optimally align to changing customer needs
  • Cut costs by involving your partners and to benefit from innovation synergies

Process aspects

  • Get to know if your ideas are getting fast enough to the market
  • Spot and cover existing process gaps that stop working ideas
  • Evaluation strategies help you to select the ideas, to define budgets and prototyping

Communication aspects

  • Combine online and offline efforts to comprehensively involve your innovators
  • Build a community of corporation ambassadors (“innovation evangelists”) to get things done
  • Gamification and incentivation to challenge and to reward participants

The introduction of a digital innovation solution enables companies to establish a vivid idea community in order to get a higher innovation rate and hence a faster time-to-market for needed ideas.

CLU grows organically within the company.

So that CLU "grows" like a tree in the company, we introduce our system with the appropriate methodology. The focus is basically on sustainable acceptance based on a "train the trainer" concept of the users involved and their targeted integration in order to ensure long-term use. Please note, that this is just an indication and depends on the type and size of a company.

Phase 1: Pilot with a small lead user group. This involves particularly open-minded users in the company with a closely focused task for new ideas, close support and success control. Typical duration: 3 months.

Phase 2: Extended pilot phase with about 3 or 5 times the initial lead user group size. Further opening through viral communication within the company and organic inclusion of further, complementary user groups. Duration: Between 3 and 6 months.

Subsequent phases: Depending on the objective, further expansion of user groups within the company, across departments and locations.

Interested in getting to know how we can support your company? Just call us: +49 6074 21516730 or send us a note via contact form. Together with our colleagues at our partner BearingPoint we support your company worldwide.